Call on a real estate digitalized agency

Whether in the real estate sector or for any other market, being visible on the web has become imperative for all businesses. To achieve this, we can use social networks, paid referencing, but none of these solutions is as effective as SEO. How does it work? Here are some elements of answer.

What exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques allowing sites to better position themselves on specific requests in search engine results. To achieve this, experts in the sector use different optimization levers, which are technical, marketing and editorial. Generally, it is assumed that a successful SEO will allow a page to appear in the first three Google results on a specific search. In the field of real estate, this is exactly what the Steolo agency has been doing effectively for several years.

Is it necessary to call upon an SEO agency to improve your online presence?

The big brands all have, today, teams dedicated to the visibility of their brand on search engines. But, for small structures, it is difficult to afford this kind of service. In their situation, it may therefore be more judicious to use an SEO agency to increase the visibility of their site. It will mainly be useful for : Defining a quality editorial strategy Optimize the technical performance of the site Working on the user's experience

How to develop an SEO strategy?

To increase your visibility on search engines, there are not a thousand possibilities. This work focuses on three axes which are : The relevance and consistency of content according to a specific request The search for quality external links to increase the popularity of its pages The optimization (loading speed, adaptation to mobile navigation...) of its website. These activities are very time-consuming and require real expertise in the field. This is why many professionals from very distant sectors, such as real estate, call on search engine optimization experts. Search engines (in particular Google, the most widely used of them) work very simply: they offer answers to Internet users' queries in the form of links to be clicked on. In order to be able to suggest these results, they start by crawling (= visiting) existing websites and indexing them in their database, so that they can come out at the right time. In order to understand this, you need to visualize this database as a gigantic warehouse. When there are hundreds of thousands of references sleeping on the shelves, how can you respond to the precise demands of your customers? To do this, you need: 1) to know exactly what each reference corresponds to, and 2) effective labeling to detect the right reference at the right time. The whole purpose of real estate website referencing is to allow Google to find your pages in this vast warehouse, so as to propose them as answers to the requests of Internet users. Starting by allowing the engine robots to locate your pages on the Web and to know what they are about (just to suggest them in response to the right requests).

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