How to choose your e-reputation agency?

On the Internet, nothing is ever lost. Thus, the information, the traces of connections, the photos you share, everything is likely to have an impact (positive or negative) on your virtual identity first, and personal afterwards. Whether you are a professional, a company or an individual, it is therefore essential to control your digital identity. The best way to do this? Calling on an e-reputation agency, but you still need to know how to choose one.

Digital identity VS e-reputation

We define digital identity as the sum of all the information that we publish about ourselves through social networks, websites, blogs. In short, everything that you have decided to voluntarily make public. Digital reputation, on the other hand, covers everything that is said about your company or individual via the Internet. It can range from reviews of your site to comments, articles about your activities, topics about you on forums. To get a clear idea of your reputation on the web, it's simple, just enter your name in a search engine with associated keywords, and see the first results. If it's a blog article with a heavy load or not very complimentary, you certainly need an e-reputation agency.

What are the criteria to make the right choice of agency?

In order to choose an e-reputation professional that brings you full satisfaction, you should already know what your main objective is. Are you building a profile geared towards obtaining a particular job? To appear more reliable and professional to potential clients? Reduce the impact of a negative publication concerning you? There are agencies specialized in all these areas, or others more generalized. Next, it is essential to know several things about the agency you want to hire, including :
  • the importance of its teams (improving an e-reputation is a project that requires a large volume of work and a variety of skills)
  • their knowledge of search engines, SEO techniques, their ability to adapt to changes in algorithms...
  • of their own e-reputation (if not exemplary, go your own way)

Services offered by an e-reputation agency

Of course, it is quite possible to work on your digital reputation yourself. But some situations still require the intervention of professionals. So, by offering you the services of an agency, you are sure to benefit from a complete analysis of your current virtual reputation and advice on how to improve it. As for the concrete actions to succeed in this challenge, they can range from simply deleting a negative page, to suffocating it, or even discrediting its author. Anything can be envisaged. The final goal is that everything that is said about you is validated by you, or lost, drowned in the limbo of search engines.

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